Up and Coming Artists/Bands

Additional to our Redlion Family, we highly recommend the following Artists/Bands for your Festival/Event:


Artist/Band Country Music style
Tyron Germany Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
The Vice Sweden Rock, Metal
Temple Renegade Netherlands Heavy Rock
This Dying Hour United Kingdom Metal
The Snuff Czech Republic Modern Rock
The Order Switzerland Classic Rock/Metal
Tuff Enuff United Kingdom Power Groove,Metal,HardCore
The Corridors Israel Rock/Pop/Alternative/
The Basement Italy Synth Pop
The filthy broke Billionaires Luxembourg Rock
Tom Michell Trio United Kingdom Blues Rock/ Heavy Blues
The Erkonauts Switzerland Metal/Progressive/Punk
Tears from Venere Italy Punk/Metal
The Big Nose Attack Greece Rock/Blues/Garage
Thot Belgium Industrial/Electro Rock/Indie/Post Rock
The Tea Club USA Progressive Rock/ Art Rock
Throat of Autumn Netherlands Alternative Rock
The Dust Coda United Kingdom Classic Rock/ Hard Rock
The LP Latvia Rock
The Tract Austria Neo Thrash/ Melodic Death
Tendencia Cuba Metal Mestizo de Cuba