booking and management

for Rock and Metal bands and artists

REDLIONMUSIC is an independent agency for Booking and Management, based in Germany near Frankfurt.

We provide full service Tour and Festival booking for Rock and Metal bands/artists from all over the world in the territories:
Continental Europe
Eastern Europe
United Kingdom.

Redlionmusic provides Marketing and Promotion for bands in the rock and metal genres.

Our head of Marketing and Promotion, Theo Samson, is known for his amazing work since many years for labels like AFM Records, Metalville, Bob Media and bands like Whitesnake, Doro, U.D.O., Blackmore’s Night, Slayer, Schandmaul, J.B.O., Edguy, Avantasia, Kissin‘ Dynamite, Evergrey, Ugly Kid Joe, Annihilator amm. already crossed his path or are still using his service.

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Marketing and promotion

for Rock and Metal bands and artists